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Dampmen’s waterproofing system is a multi-coat cementitious based waterproofing system that is both durable and adaptable. The main coating is a cementitious crystalline based slurry, which is applied directly to the substrate (exposed brickwork) by brush, it sets to bond with the masonry substrate creating an impervious barrier to the movement of water.

Excellent adhesion is ensured by the addition of specially formulated adhesives which also improves the flexibility and strength in the slurry coat.


It is vital to prepare the substrate correctly prior to the application as it is an important part of the success of the application – where the substrate is of poor quality or where there are high levels of efflorescent salt contamination, it may require extra remedial work.

Before initial slurry coats are applied, it may be necessary in some cases to relieve water pressure, this can be achieved by inserting weep tubes into the substrate. Later these would be filled with a rapid setting plug, which expands when it comes into contact with water and sets. For stress points such as wall/floor joints, which are potential weak points, cut a rebate into the joint and fill with a cementitious based material that is rapid curing and non-shrink.

Cementitious crystalline based waterproofing are able to bridge hairline cracks and can be applied to either the positive or negative side of the substrate. They comprise materials that non-toxic, non-corrosive and resistant to UV light.

Cementitious crystalline based waterproofing is a very popular method of waterproofing cellars and basements. However it is also often used in less demanding situations, such as preventing damp through soil retaining walls.

Dampmen have enjoyed and continue to enjoy success with this system.

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