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Recovery Sobriety Symbols & Tattoos

The mouth withstands a lot of trauma from normal speaking and eating. Try to avoid other disturbances such as excessive talking, actively playing with the jewelry, or clicking the jewelry against your teeth. Undue stress on the piercing can cause the formation of unsightly and uncomfortable scar tissue, migration and other complications.

  • However, when plans for body modification begin to take over, a problem may be present.
  • Triangles are a very common symbol that may be used by a recovering alcoholic.
  • Prices can range anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars.
  • You may feel aching, pinching, tightness or other unpleasant sensations off and on for several days or longer.
  • Immediately contact your healthcare provider at any signs of abnormal swelling, inflammation, or infection.
  • Use caution when styling your hair and advise your stylist of a new or healing piercing.

One of the big issues is a combination of legality and ethics. If you are obviously inebriated, you are not in the proper mindset to make a decision that will affect the rest of your life. You also cannot legally sign the liability waiver and consent form that all shops should have. Most shops will turn you away if you are drunk or high although there are some shops that only care about getting your money, rather than you getting a quality tattoo. One of the most important things to consider when deciding on this type of tattoo is how visible you want it to be to others. Would you prefer that this to be a private moment you are commemorating for yourself? That’s really the only limit to how much skin you can cover with your recovery tattoo.

Retinol Cream: A Game-Changer for New Tattoo Fading

The green tokens sobriety tattoos six months of sobriety while the purple for nine months. Many men who have had a few drinks before or during a tattoo session, have found that they had a great time with a best tattoo artist who has a strong focus on sobriety and the benefits of the 12-step program. A sober tattoo session can be very inspiring, uplifting, fun, and even life changing, here are different Male tattoos designs.

Is there a symbol for recovery?

beautiful! the butterfly is the symbol for recovery and with our ED symbol in the middle just adds to the beauty!

Tattoos could be considered as a projective psychological test, most people use their body as blackboard to represent the most varied meanings related to the way they perceive themselves. It is also true that tattoos can assume the role of diagnostic indicators for a possible abuse of psychoactive substances, as well as their aggregating and communicative functions within the group of drug addicts. The aim of this cross-sectional study was to explore the relation among personality traits, self-efficacy, locus of control and motivations for tattooing. Repair and upgrading costs may deter homebuyers. They usually acquire properties in whatever condition, saving you money on improvements. Visit

What is a sobriety tattoo?

The behavior makes no sense unless it is understood through the eyes of the person performing the behavior. In this case, the choice to obtain another tattoo is so valuable to the individual, that they are willing to endure hardship and go without things that are much more essential to their basic needs. Verywell Mind articles are reviewed by board-certified physicians and mental healthcare professionals.


There is nothing more powerful and addictive than the excitement of creating something that will last a lifetime on your body and keeps you moving forward in a healthy and positive path. Sobriety tattoos are a symbol of your commitment to staying sober. They can be used by individuals new to recovery or people who have been in recovery for years. It lets others know that you are committed to staying sober and helping them understand recovery. While sobriety tattoos are incredibly personal, it may be helpful to seek outside opinions on your ideas. Of course, you do not have to solely base what sobriety tattoo you get on what other people like. However, an external influence can certainly help you narrow down your options, or even open up new ones you may not have previously considered.

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