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Having more than one sex a week may be a wise idea if you are within a long-term romance. Nevertheless , once you are in a relationship, you are in charge of meant for satisfying every single other’s sexual requirements. You may find that your romantic relationship is being affected by insufficient sex, and you may need to look for help from a lovers counselor.


While there is no hard and fast rule about how precisely many times you should have having sex, the average mature has about fifty four sex consultations 12 months. This may change based on elements such as grow older, sexual dreams and lifestyle.

There is not any magic quantity for just how frequently you should have sexual activity, but new research found that couples who had more sexual are not as content as people who had less. This is no wonder, because the number of periods you have annually may be affected by factors such as age group, your love-making desires as well as the health of both equally partners.

While there is not a single right answer to problem of how often should couples have sex, there are lots of sexy methods to increase the length of time you spend with your partner.

The most crucial take into account determining the ideal sex frequency is the needs of the two partners. A few couples need to know more than one session a week while others may only need one. It’s also important to consider your age, when younger lovers tend to have more sex than older kinds.

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